The red hues of dawn shine through the darkness.
A new beginning rises from the meeting of two colors.
Lasting creations are borne from the fusion of different ideas.

Ariafina premium range hoods. Where beauty and sophistication meet advanced technology.
Elica supplies superior-quality designer range hoods around the world.
Fuji Industrial boasts a solid reputation in Japan, where quality requirements are consistently strict.
Ariafina combines leading-edge Italian design with high extraction performance only made possible thanks to a thorough knowledge of the various cooking methods typical of European and Asian food cultures.
This unique collaboration has resulted in a product with a truly sophisticated form.

  • Clean & Beautiful. The essence of Italian design.
    A stainless steel body that exudes style and a sense of luxury. The thing that sets Ariafina apart from other range hoods is a commitment to quality design and an insistence on detail. Take, for example, its seamless finish. The traditional and cutting-edge processing technologies embody a perfect figurative beauty not found in other products. An Ariafina range hood has a dignity of its own that not only transforms your kitchen into a more refined space, but also promises an ultimate sense of satisfaction with every use.
  • Asian food culture makes use of seasonal ingredients—sometimes delicately, sometimes dynamically. Cooking methods are diverse and unique, and range hoods require a variety of abilities to satisfy all conditions. Made by the cooperation of two range hood market leaders Ariafina's efficient fans reliably extract oily vapors to ensure your kitchen is always clean. With an easy-to-clean construction that discourages dirt, excellent usability and unique technologies, Ariafina range hoods deliver a high level of performance.
  • What is ultimate quality? In a word: reliability.
    When it comes to choosing a range hood—which, after all, will be the focal point of your kitchen—many feel that prioritizing good design means sacrificing quality and maintainability. Selecting a high quality product that provides peace-of-mind is all the more important because a range hood will be used on a daily basis. Ariafina is the only brand that melds stylish design and functionality with reliability. For those who insist on getting the right look, Ariafina provides quality that's pleasing to the eye.